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Ep 7 | Transcript

00:01:16 NARRATOR In October of 2011, 4 college students disappeared in the woods near Porter Township Pennsylvania while researching a documentary on children’s author Jakob Stanley. They remain missing to this day. Last month their recordings appeared online. 00:01:32 NARRATOR (CONT’D) In an effort to aid in the investigation, the families of those missing have agreed to release the following sound files. If anyone has information on those missing or the identity of the person or persons who uploaded these files, please use the contact information provided. Anything submitted may be used in future episodes. Certain materials referenced in this podcast, including the published works of Jakob Stanley, are currently protected under U.S. copyright law and may be redacted. For legal reasons, some names have been withheld and voices altered. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the podcasters and participants, and do not represent the official policy or position of the Iphigenia County Police Department of Porter Township Pennsylvania or its associates. This podcast contains adult themes and language. Listener discretion is advised. 00:02:24 PROFESSOR WHITAKER File labeled: “007 Rough Cut, Episode 7 - Tell Me a Story: The True Life of Jakob Stanley.” SFX: RJ is driving Chuck, Tolen and Avery to a drive-thru for breakfast. A few yawns and heavy exhales. SFX: The turning signal clicks on, then off. SFX: RJ rolls down the window. SFX: An unintelligible voice is heard through a drive-thru speaker. RJ Uh... Can we get 4 coffees... 5 hash browns, uh... one vanilla cone and 4 Biscuit Scrambie Patties, please? MUSIC: [POD THEME] SFX: The unintelligible voice is heard through the drive-thru speaker, again. 00:03:22 RJ (CONT’D) Thank you. SFX: RJ pulls forward. 00:03:25 TOLEN/NARRATOR On the very edge of Porter, hidden away behind ancient stone and cast iron gates, sits the prestigious Amherst Prep School. Established in 1897, the gothic architecture and maple tree-lined paths of the lush grounds make it feel more like a cloistered British village, than a high school in the middle of rural Pennsylvania. The grounds are also home to a series of well-known waterfalls fed by the creek that whines down from the foot of Great Cliff, leading to a massive man-made pond complete with fountains and a collection of greek statues. As Avery has mentioned before, the Amherst, commonly referred to as the “Herst,” has a less-than-stellar reputation for “adapting” to the modern world, only allowing females to attend since 2005 of which there have only ever been 7. ... And as far as racial diversity is concerned it’s safe to say they still believe it's 1897. ... Past students include: children of Senators, Congressional Members and Parliament as well as several royal families AND, most importantly for us, possibly one Jakob Stanley. 00:04:40 [PODCAST INTRO SEQUENCE] NEWS ANNOUNCER WN [BEEP REDACTED] TV New York. MUSIC: [80’s NEWS INTRO THEME] NEWS ANCHOR ‘83 If your child has been to a school book fair recently, chances are they came home with one of this author’s scary books- MUSIC: [80’s SUNDAY TALK SHOW THEME] SUNDAY MORNING TALK SHOW HOST ‘81 Our guest’s first anthology leapt to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list- MUSIC: [LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW INTRO & APPLAUSE] LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST ‘86 - Thank you. Thank you! Over the past few years, he has become a household name - MUSIC: [PODCAST THEME] PUBLIC RADIO HOST ‘92 - Bridging the gap between Alvin Schwartz and Stephen King - TV PREACHER - The devil is among us, friends. CONGREGATION AMEN! TV PREACHER He’s among us, in the form of a writer. - SUNDAY MORNING TALK SHOW HOST ‘81 - The book might have struggled during it initial release in 1977, but now “Tell Me A Story: Under the Bed That’s Over My Head”, has skyrocketed - ALSC COMMITTEE REP - So many parent organizations complained that his work was too sophisticated for children- TV PREACHER - He has infiltrated your homes, and your children’s minds- PUBLIC RADIO HOST ‘92 - His second macabre anthology “Tell Me A Story: Moonless Sky and Other Friends” sold out from bookstores in mere minutes. Becoming a controversial - NEWS ANCHOR ‘83 - Stanley's books ranked on the American Library Association’s “100 Most Frequently Challenged Books” from 1981-1993 - TV PREACHER - Stanley’s books promote disobedience, violence and the occult! Lord have mercy - PUBLIC RADIO HOST ‘92 - The 3rd volume in his “Tell Me A Story” collection “The Floor That Creaks, the Closet That Speaks and the Tip Toes That You Walk On” was released in 1986 to mass acclaim - ALSC COMMITTEE REP - All that fussing, just made his work more popular - TV PREACHER - Check your children’s rooms, check their bookshelves, check their back-packs!- YOUTUBER - I do think his final book, released in ‘99, “TMAS: The nightmare, The Dream and the Places Between,” was by far his best work.- PUBLIC RADIO HOST ‘92 - His work has been described as “subversive” and “dark,” I simply describe it as genius. SUNDAY MORNING TALK SHOW HOST ‘81 - It is my pleasure to introduce - LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST ‘86 - Please welcome - PUBLIC RADIO HOST ‘92 - Ladies and gentleman, please welcome - SUNDAY MORNING TALK SHOW HOST ‘81 - Jakob Stanley.- LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST ‘86 - Mister Jakob Stanley. PUBLIC RADIO HOST ‘92 - Author, Jakob Stanley. [Applause.] MUSIC: [POD THEME SYNTH] 00:06:21 AVERY/NARRATOR Little to nothing is known about the life of this elusive author. And since 1999 Jakob Stanley seems to have completely dropped off the face of the earth. Until a short two-line obituary appeared in a small town paper, over a year ago. TOLEN/NARRATOR From BOO Labs and Red Cup Media, I'm Tolen Reid - AVERY/NARRATOR And I'm Avery Fischer, this is TELL ME A STORY: THE TRUE LIFE OF JAKOB STANLEY. SFX: Chuck and Avery are in the car eating breakfast. [Avery yawns] SFX: The sounds of fast food wrappers rustle. CHUCK I miss Debbie’s ham. SFX: Chuck takes a bite of her hash brown. 00:06:58 AVERY Who doesn’t? We’re going, right? Ey. Ey Okay. We are currently in the parking lot of Amherst Prep. Uhm, Tolen and RJ have gone inside to find out if Jakob Stanley attended the school. Chuck - CHUCK Hey there. - AVERY - And I, are waiting in the car. Like dogs not allowed in a store. Uh. We chose to forgo breakfast at the Homestead out of pure embarrassment for being led away by cops yesterday. But, at least there is breakfast ice cream. CHUCK Speaking of which, gimmie. AVERY Bah, okay. But, no cone! SFX: Chuck takes a massive lick. CHUCK Why don’t you tell the listeners what’s on the docket for today? AVERY Sure. SFX: Avery opens up her phone. Chuck continues to eat Avery’s entire cone while she reads the day’s plans. AVERY (CONT’D) Uhm, first up is the Amherst, find out if Stanley attended and if he was kicked out. Next, at the police station yesterday Chuck overheard them talking about the David Rockland silo fire and how there was a rumor that a “Russell” might have started it. CHUCK Honestly, how many Russells can there be? AVERY And since Debbie had already suggested we talk to Rockland- CHUCK -Probably why Deb told you that in the first place. Sly little minx. AVERY She called him and we’re set to go there next. Then, RJ is gonna use her trooper connection to get a meeting with Moira at the Palmer Funeral Home to find out all we can about Stanley’s death. CHUCK And I’ll check in with Wallace at some point to see if there is any word on Jane. AVERY Hopefully she will be safe and sound and we can get the hell outta here. - Also, don’t think I didn’t notice you ate my entire ice cream cone. CHUCK Uhm. I’m sorry. AVERY It’s ok. I ate your Biscuit Scrambie Patty on the way over- SFX: Avery gets a notification on her phone. CHUCK What- AVERY - Oh my God. There’s Wi-Fi! CHUCK Shit? REALLY? SFX: Chuck rifles for her phone. AVERY We got Wi-Fi, we got Wi-Fi, we got... NOOOOOOOO! CHUCK What? AVERY Password! CHUCK Wwwwwwhhhyyyyy? SFX: Suddenly there is pounding on the car window. Chuck and Avery yelp. The car doors open and RJ and Tolen get inside. CHUCK (CONT’D) Jeeeesuuss. 00:08:56 RJ Sorry. AVERY People have got to stop doing that! TOLEN Son-of-a-bitch. SFX: Tolen slams his door shut violently. SFX: RJ awkwardly and quietly closes her door. CHUCK So, it went well? TOLEN Avery, you’re up. AVERY What? RJ I think people of color need to stay in the car. AVERY Oh shit. CHUCK What happened? RJ Uh- TOLEN - Turn that thing off. SFX: The recorder cuts off and cuts back on. TOLEN (CONT’D) We back up? ... The Nosferatu looking ghoul in charge of the main office is Gayle Payton- AVERY Should we just leave? TOLEN - The main entrance is on the right, not the left - AVERY Okay. TOLEN - The left looks all fancy, but it’s the entry to the science wing. CHUCK - We got a bogey... TOLEN What? RJ Where? CHUCK 8 o’clock. TOLEN Who the hell is that? AVERY That’s not Gayle Peyton, is it? Because... I mean- TOLEN No, that’s not the spider demon we met. RJ Oh, I remember those glasses. She was in the office when we talked to Peyton. CHUCK She’s waving at us. 00:09:54 AVERY Uhm, I got this one. SFX: Avery throws open her door. RJ What are you gonna do? AVERY No idea, but if I don’t come back, go on without me. SFX: Avery jumps out of the car and leans back in when Tolen speaks. TOLEN Avery! AVERY Five minutes. SFX: Avery shuts the door and takes off. TOLEN Shit. CHUCK Setting a timer for 5 minutes. RJ What do we do if the Amherst ends up being a bust? TOLEN Not really sure. CHUCK Uh, maybe get a formal interview with Wallace? TOLEN Yeah. Okay. RJ We should dig into Stanley owning the Mendenhall stuff. Find out more specifics on patient #349, the woman who hanged herself in the Bell Tree? See if any part of the story is real? But, even if it’s just folklore, we should still go to Great Cliff and find the tree? Take pictures? TOLEN We need to touch back on what Jane said about Stanley having an assistant? Maybe we can get Whitaker to dig a bit? CHUCK Good luck with that. TOLEN That might be key to finding out if there is an unpublished manuscript. Speaking of which, we need to review the materials from Jane’s house and the bag from the camper. See if there are any other leads- SFX: Suddenly, there is pounding on the car window. RJ and Tolen yelp. The car doors open and Avery gets inside. 00:10:57 AVERY Sucks doesn’t it. [Chuck laughs.] TOLEN What happened? What did she say? AVERY Pull the car around, up that side. TOLEN What did she say? AVERY The clock is ticking on this. TOLEN But- AVERY Jesus, just pull the car arou- SFX: The mic cuts out. SFX: The mic cuts back on in the old records room of the Amherst. It is a dank stone basement full of dust and damp. The sounds of old metal filing cabinet drawers trying to be opened quietly creak in the background as the team searches for Stanley’s files. RJ (ASMR whisper) We are currently in the basement of the old East Building at the Amherst, which houses all of the pre-computerized student records. I wouldn’t say we broke in. It’s more like we were invited, but just not by the person throwing the party? The mystery woman from the parking lot, with the amazing glasses, is one of the school librarians. 00:11:37 RJ (CONT'D) (ASMR whisper) She overheard our conversation with Gayle Peyton and took pity on us. Also, she’s a massive Jakob Stanley fan, like full on, and had no idea he might have attended the school. So, she’s curious about what we find. This room is basically a disorganized maze of metal filing cabinets, so finding what we’re looking for is a bit of a challenge. Seems like everything is set up by year? Stanley was roughly high school aged in the mid 1960s and we’ve already found the cabinets for ‘62, ‘65, ‘66 and ‘68 and so far, no Stanley. Uh... National Parks rules apply: we can “leave nothing, but footprints and take nothing, but pictures” so we need to find what we can, take pics and get the hell out of here, as quick as possible - TOLEN (ASMR whisper) Found ‘67! SFX: Suddenly, there is a commotion from the hallway outside the records room. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Miss Nicolette. AVERY (ASMR whisper) What was that? RJ (ASMR whisper) Get the lights - CHUCK (ASMR whisper) - WHAT? NO! SFX: There is a loud click as Tolen turns off the light. SFX: Peyton’s and Nicolette’s voices are altered/redacted in post. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) MS. PEYTON! What are you, what are you doing... here? TOLEN (ASMR whisper) It’s the she-beast. AVERY (ASMR whisper) Screw it, KEEP LOOKING! SFX: The team turns on their phone flashlights and quietly digs back into the search. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) My mid-day constitutional. I enjoy the school’s more original architecture. I find it soothing. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) It’s lovely. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) And you, Miss Nicolette? MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Uh... CHUCK (ASMR whisper) Found ‘63. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) You’re not out here... smoking are you? MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) No, ma’am. I don’t smoke- GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Certainly hope not. AVERY (ASMR whisper) Found ‘64. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) No, I was- GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Filthy habit. RJ (ASMR whisper) Tolen anything? MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Yes, ma’am- GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Wouldn’t want the children to see. TOLEN (ASMR whisper) No Stanley in ‘67. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Oh, of course not, ma’am. I... I don’t smoke. AVERY (ASMR whisper) Tolen help me with ‘64, RJ Chuck ‘63. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) We’ll see about that... turn out your pockets? MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Excuse me? GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) I said... turn out your pockets, Miss Nicolette. RJ (ASMR whisper) Holy Shit- CHUCK (ASMR whisper) FOUND HIM! MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Yes, ma’am. TOLEN (ASMR whisper) YES! GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Oh, my word. AVERY (ASMR whisper) GOT ANOTHER ONE! TOLEN (ASMR whisper) Hells yeah! - Chuck, what does yours say? MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Ms. Peyton? GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) What. Is. That. SFX: A filing cabinet drawer closes a little too loudly. GAYLE PEYTON (CONT’D) (from hallway) WHAT IS THAT?! AVERY (ASMR whisper) Hold on... shhhh. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Uh? GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Is that a ... cell phone, Miss Nicolette? AVERY (ASMR whisper) Oh, thank God. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) What? Uh...uh. Yes? It...It is? RJ (ASMR whisper) Uhmmm... This file basically confirms the stuff we’ve heard. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Miss Nicolette! CHUCK (ASMR whisper/skimming) Stanley was a scholarship student? ....blah-blah-blah... Genius level IQ. ...uh... Straight As... he skipped the 8th grade and entered Amherst in... what’s “3rd form”? TOLEN (ASMR whisper) 9th grade. AVERY (ASMR whisper) Take pics. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) You know very well, this institution’s stance on cell phones. RJ (ASMR whisper) What about 1964? AVERY (ASMR whisper) Uh... holy balls, it says he was kicked out. TOLEN (ASMR whisper) Whoa. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Yes, ma’am, I just- GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Cell phones, and the like, must be kept in your cubby and cannot leave the staff room. AVERY (ASMR whisper/reading) Uh... 4th form... uh... student Harrison McKechney and Stanley had an “incident” where Stanley was taken to hospital. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Yes, ma’am. RJ (ASMR whisper) We should pull Harrison’s file from ‘64! TOLEN (ASMR whisper) On it. CHUCK (ASMR whisper) 63’ pics done. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Wi-Fi is for the students, Miss Nicolette. AVERY (ASMR whisper/reading) Uh... “...due to his inability to assimilate, it was agreed best that Stanley’s scholarship be terminated.” MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Yes, ma’am. TOLEN (ASMR whisper/skimming) Harrison K. McKechney the third... legacy student... uh... lacrosse, diving and crew... to repeat 5th form... MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Yes, ma’am. RJ (ASMR whisper) Anything on the incident? TOLEN (ASMR whisper/skimming) Uh...Nope nothing... CHUCK (ASMR whisper) So, basically a big dumb jock who was held back, got away with beating up a little kid. Charming. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Hand over that cell phone. MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Ms. Peyton? AVERY (ASMR whisper) 64’ pics done. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) If I’m feeling generous, you may have it back at the end of the day, but not a moment before. GAYLE PEYTON (CONT’D) (from hallway) We must protect the Wi-Fi, Miss Nicolette. SFX: Gayle Peyton knocks on the wall to punctuate her words. CHUCK (ASMR whisper) We gotta get out of here. TOLEN (ASMR whisper) They are right at the door?! GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Miss Nicolette... AVERY (ASMR whisper) Is there another way out? RJ (ASMR whisper) Uh...Look. Back window. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) ...Your phone. CHUCK (ASMR whisper) We are not gonna fit through that. AVERY (ASMR whisper) Make it work SFX: Loud screech as a chair is moved to the window. [The team gasps.] GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Did you hear that? MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Uh... uhm... I think ROTC is playing war today. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Huh... right, right. AVERY (ASMR whisper) Okay, go... RJ (ASMR whisper) Sorry. SFX: An old paint sealed window is opened slowly. AVERY (ASMR whisper) Easy... Easy... MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) Back to my phone, Ms. Peyton. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Huh? MISS NICOLETTE/BEEP (from hallway) My phone, Ms. Peyton. GAYLE PEYTON (from hallway) Yes, yes, quite right. RJ (ASMR whisper) Ready. CHUCK (ASMR whisper) Gogogogogo! SFX: One by one they each scramble out of the window as quietly as they can. RJ Everybody good? CHUCK Good. SFX: Suddenly, a loud school bell rings out. TOLEN Get to the car! SFX: They take off in a mad dash to the car. The mic cuts in and out as they run. 00:16:43 AVERY/NARRATION We made it back to the car undetected. At least we think so. ... Fingers crossed. TOLEN/NARRATION The pictures of the files ended up being a little fuzzier then we would have liked, but we’ll manage. MUSIC: [POD THEME] AVERY/NARRATION What we have learned: Jakob Stanley was a straight A student with what was considered a genius level IQ. He skipped the 8th grade to attend Amherst Private School for a year and a half from 1963-1964 before his scholarship was pulled for his “inability to properly assimilate.” TOLEN/NARRATION Coincidentally, at the exact same time they cancelled his scholarship, there was an “incident” with a legacy upperclassman, named Harrison K. McKechney - wait for it - the third, that sent Stanley to the hospital. There are no details on said “incident,” in fact, it doesn’t even appear in McKechney’s file at all. AVERY/NARRATION So, we’re thinking that what Debbie told RJ & I a few days ago, is true. A rich kid bullied a poor kid and the poor kid got kicked out. TOLEN/NARRATION Side note: The fancy building that houses the science department, to the left of the main office. Yeah. It’s named “McKechney Hall.” RJ noticed that after our brush with Gayle Peyton. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. AVERY/NARRATION Also, RJ had the foresight to take note of the Amherst Wi-Fi password, taped on an office computer. I adore her so very much. TOLEN/NARRATION However, the signal is only available on the Amherst grounds. So, since Porter’s public library is closed, with Ethel out of town- AVERY/NARRATION Ethel! TOLEN/NARRATION If we want to send anything to Whitaker, we’re gonna need to get comfortable with breaking and entering. SFX: The mic cuts out and back on. 00:18:20 AVERY -No. I just - one more. [Exhales] Okay. [Narration] This is David Rockland. He is tall and slim, with warm eyes, but a tough demeanor. SFX: We hear Tolen exit the room at the Homestead. Avery leans back in her chair, making sure he is gone and back to the mic. AVERY/NARRATOR After our adventure at the Amherst, we got hopelessly lost trying to find David Rockland’s farm. But, to be fair, we were crazy strung out on adrenaline and Deb’s instructions were not exactly crystal clear. Also, I don’t think Tolen was too intent on getting us there. He’s not doing good with this one. But, the fire stuff could be just a rumor? Right? SFX: The sounds of a dairy kick in: cows mooing, bells clanking, winds roll across vast open fields causing old wooden structures to creak, the occasional barking dog. SFX: David Rockland’s voice is altered in post. DAVID ROCKLAND That little shit set fire to my silo, the whole thing went up. AVERY/NARRATOR This is David Rockland. He is tall and slim, with warm eyes, but a tough demeanor. A proud man, who takes no shit from nobody and at 71 years old, he’s not planning to start now. DAVID ROCKLAND I remember it like it was yesterday. I was about 20, started running the farm, you know and here comes this little shit jagoff, setting fire to everything. You do not forget a thing like that, no sir, you do not. 00:19:27 AVERY (off mic) How exactly did the fire start? DAVID ROCKLAND Started it in the chute... all these leftovers get caught up in there and if it’s dry, it’s like kindling. And that was a damn dry year. So, I'm sure it lit up easily ... and boom, burned right through the doors, caught the trees over there and took out the field that’a way. RJ (off mic) Was he arrested? DAVID ROCKLAND No. He wasn’t arrested or charged or nothing. I don’t even think they brought him in for questioning. TOLEN (off mic) Are you really positive it was Stanley? DAVID ROCKLAND Not a doubt in my mind. I saw him watching from over that ridge, right there. He was no more than 9 years old, white blonde hair, beady eyes. TOLEN (off mic/suspect) You saw all of that, from here? DAVID ROCKLAND As clear as day... And when I started yellin’, he hightailed it, bold as brass. We knew that Stanley boy wasn’t right. His ma did the best she could, but with no steady man in the house to keep him in line whad’ she expect. Then having that daughter born on the wrong side of the blanket just set him off more. Don’t get me wrong, Mrs. Stanley was a lovely woman. My momma was always quite fond’a her. But, she was troubled... “As the twig is bent, so shall the tree grow.” RJ (off mic) There’s a lot to unpack there. 00:20:39 AVERY (off mic) When you say he wasn’t right, what exactly do you mean? DAVID ROCKLAND I mean exactly what I say, that boy was not right. Playing with fire, messing with animals, sneaking in places he don’t belong, stealing. But, I’ve only been back in Porter for a few years now, since momma died, so what I know is all I know. AVERY (off mic) Why did you leave Porter? DAVID ROCKLAND After no one did anything about the fire, I went off to my cousin’s, I was afraid they’d start looking for someone else to blame. But uh, you know who you should talk to? Old Man Harker. He’s the groundskeeper at St. Lucy’s, up near Great Cliff’s Peak. That man can tell y’all a thing or two about a thing or two. Now, y’all gonna need to excuse me, you guys got here late and I have to bring my ladies in. It’s past milking time and trust me they do not like to wait. SFX: Rockland hands back his mic and heads off towards his now very annoyed cows. TOLEN (off mic) But, uh, ... would you mind clarifying some of the.... He’s just walking off? Avery he’s walking off. DAVID ROCKLAND (off mic/yelling) What the farmer tell his cows late at night? 00:21:37 AVERY (off mic, yelling) I don’t know, what the farmer tell his cows late at night? DAVID ROCKLAND (off mic/yelling) Go to sleep - it's pasture bedtime. AVERY (off mic/yelling) Ha! Oh, you got Dad jokes, huh? [Rockland & RJ laugh.] DAVID ROCKLAND (off mic/yelling) You have a good one now. AVERY (off mic/yelling) Night. RJ (off mic/yelling) Night. SFX: The team trudge through the mud and huddle up. AVERY Well, that man certainly knows how to drop the mic. CHUCK I fucking knew it. I knew there’d be something. TOLEN Avery, those are some serious accusations. And unless we can get him to clarify his statements in detail, I do not feel comfortable using any of this. AVERY Okay. Chill. I’ll ask Deb to set up another time for us to meet with him. And then we’ll have him clarify everything. Okay? TOLEN Fine. SFX: Tolen stomps off and the team follows after him. 00:22:11 AVERY Tolen. Don’t be like that. We get it. RJ’s right, it’s a lot to unpack. RJ Oh my God, yes. I can barely begin to process it. CHUCK What does “born on the wrong side of the blanket” mean? AVERY Baby born out of wedlock. RJ & CHUCK Oooooooh. RJ So, Jane’s mom was Stanley’s half sister. TOLEN Allegedly. RJ Allegedly... And Jakob’s mom was “troubled”? AVERY Jane didn’t say anything about this stuff, so if any of it’s true, either she’s good at PR or she didn’t know - my money’s on she didn’t know. Which leads me to believe she genuinely didn’t know about the Mendenhall or Amherst. TOLEN So, what of her interview can we even use now? It’s worthless. RJ Totally disagree, I think that makes her interview more interesting. TOLEN Well, I mean that is of course if any of this farmer stuff is true, which I doubt- RJ - OH SHIT, guys, we’re gonna miss our call with Whitaker. TOLEN DAMN IT. And it’s too late to make it to the funeral home. Where the hell did the day go? I knew this was gonna be a big waste of time. CHUCK No YOU wasted our time by taking 20 years to find this place. Speaking of which, I’m driving back. You are no longer trusted behind the wheel. AVERY Agreed. TOLEN Avery! AVERY Sorry. 00:23:25 RJ Can I just say, I’m perfectly fine with us missing that call with Whitaker? CHUCK At least for tonight. I can’t with her right now. TOLEN It’s just gonna make it worse, but fine. Whatever. AVERY You’ve been leaving her voicemails, so she’s gotta have some idea of what’s going on. 00:23:39 TOLEN Yes, but as I said, they are very edited... and short... and vague. SFX: The gang arrives at the car. CHUCK Keys. TOLEN Seriously? RJ, CHUCK, AVERY Yes. TOLEN Bunch a jerks. SFX: Tolen flings the keys at Chuck and the mic pops off abruptly. SFX: The mic pops on, it cuts in and out a few times. It is being manhandled as levels are adjusted. SFX: Tolen hits play on the VM. AUTOMATED VOICE (over phone line) You have two new messages. First voice message: WALLACE (over phone line/amused) Chuck... Whenever I get a voicemail that starts with “get this shit” I know I’m in for an auditory treat. Sounds like y’all had one hell of a day yesterday! Shoulda called me, I coulda helped y’all out. The pups in that station bark, but they don’t bite. Heh, y’all remember that for next time! ... Sad to say, there’s still nothin’ on Jane. They brought in a helicopter today, but came up dry. I’ll keep you updated. ... Hey, why don’t y’all come by the house for dinner? It ‘be nice, take your minds offa’ things? You give me a hollar’. SFX: There is a loud beep. AUTOMATED VOICE (over phone line) Next voice message: PROFESSOR WHITAKER (over phone line) Why am I not surprised. You have ONE last chance. Tomorrow. 5:30. SFX: Whitaker slams down the phone. There is a loud beep and the mic cuts off. 00:25:03 PROFESSOR WHITAKER End of file labeled: “007 Rough Cut, Episode 7 - Tell Me a Story: The True Life of Jakob Stanley.” 00:25:19 NARRATOR The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the podcasters and participants. If anyone has information on those missing or the identity of the person or persons who uploaded these files, please use the contact information provided. Anything submitted may be used in future episodes. [MUSIC AND CLOSING CREDITS] 00:25:45 ANNOUNCER “Tell Me a Story: The True Life of Jakob Stanley” is a biweekly podcast produced by Silvia, Whitaker. Please, rate, review and subscribe. If you have information on the missing, know the identity of the person or persons who uploaded these files, have a theory about the case, or have had your own unexplainable experiences in Iphigenia County, Pennsylvania, we want to hear from you. Please record a message via our website. - - Messages may be used in future episodes. Voices, will be altered and names redacted to protect your anonymity. 00:26:25 ANNOUNCER (CONT’D) Follow us on Instagram @JakobStanleyPodcast or on Twitter @InappropriateF - Episode 8 will be released Wednesday, March 9th. 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